Coupon vs. Sale Price

jenn g jenn g

If you have a coupon that would be a better price than the sale price of an item, is there any way to over ride the sales price so the coupon can be applied? Thanks.
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Rossie Rossie
I don't think so, coupon codes cannot be stacked onto sale prices. You can either purchase the item by the sale price , or wait till the sale is over, then buy it with your coupon discount.
Ryuson Ryuson
I agree with Rossie, the only discount that can override the sales price is an assignment.
Jul!a Jul!a
You can try the coupon to see if it will override the sale price, but I would wait until the sale was over and just use it then to be safe and make sure that nothing goes wrong with it.
Sex'и'Violence Sex'и'Violence
Extreme couponing- sex toys edition.
Thanks for asking this question. I'm having the same issue right now. I think I'll just be waiting until the Halloween sale is over so that I can use my Sexis25 code.
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