gift card coupon not working

isisandshiva isisandshiva
do coupons expire the day before the experation date? I have a coupon for 40% off a 25$ gift card and it says it expires today and won't work, and I really want it, is there anything i can do to make it work before the end of tonight?
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Kindred Kindred
I would suggest you submit a support ticket. CS is unlikely to see this thread before it expires.
Misfit Momma Misfit Momma
Make sure you put it in under "Enter your Coupon or Partner Code" (the first box) and not "Enter your Gift Card Code"

I had a slight bit of trouble with my GC coupon too. Do you have other sale items or free gifts in your cart?

Try putting the coupon in with only the GC in your cart. This is what worked for me when I got it.
isisandshiva isisandshiva
it would work, it did work before, i just didn't finish the order because i wasn't sure if i could afford it, but now it's treating it as expired and i don't know why.
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