Sale vs. Coupon

toxie m toxie m
Sorry if this has already been asked, but I couldn't find it anywhere.

So, I want to use my 35% coupon to get a few excellent things, and one of these things is on the 25% off luxury gifts sale. Clearly the 35% coupon is a better deal than the 25% sale - is there any way to apply the coupon discount instead of the sale one? Once I add the toy to my cart the sale price is applied and attempting to apply the coupon only changes other non-sale item prices. As if it's the toy that's on sale that ends up being the most expensive, haha.
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potstickers potstickers
Hm.. I don't think you can apply the coupon to sale items. I think it says that somewhere. Unfortunately I also think that the rule is taken literally and you can't apply the coupon even to the non-sale price of the item.
toxie m toxie m
Rats. Well, I think that sale ends on the 15th and our awesome coupon doesn't expire until the 20th so perhaps I'll just have to wait a bit for that
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