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Miss Nessa Miss Nessa
I haven't wrote for them in months, and I started writing one but I'm unsure of how submit it. Do we still email them to Rayne? I know a lot has changed with EF lately. I was just curious if anyone knows about that? I looked at the EdenCafe home page, but it’s so different and I couldn't find out the answer that way...

If you know, please let me know!
Thank You!
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Carrie Ann Carrie Ann
Here are some threads that might help



For the most part, EdenCafe is now hosting the weekly Giveaways, promotion alerts, weekly updates on things going on around EF and some other fun stuff while SexIs is hosting all the articles and community and professional writing.

Rayne is still the person to contact but she's managing SexIs now, not EdenCafe.

Hope that helps!
Sangsara Sangsara
perfect i was just going to ask what the difference was between submitting for edencafe and sexis. off to work on my submission
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