Eden should carry larger toy boxes

Vulva Designs Vulva Designs
As a couple we simply can't find a big enough toy box. We tried all of the usual brands and nothing quite fit our needs. Something with multiple compartments would be excellent to keep toys away from lubricants. There is also the problem that after 3 years of collecting toys, we've amassed more than the usual 3 to 5 toys that most toy boxes store. We ended up opting for a tool box which looks mighty suspicious in a bedroom owned by someone who can barely change a tire.
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evanescentowl evanescentowl
They should just carry more toy boxes period, but larger ones espeically. After seeing some of the collections during the "Flash your Stash" event I'm amazed people know where everything is.
No-nita No-nita
I whole-heartedly agree with this. In fact, I could not possibly agree enough. I know those plastic storage bins you can find at Target are great for storing toys, but, frankly... they're ugly. I want some nice, big, pretty storage options to hold all my toys! I don't have a massive collection, but I've definitely outgrown my drawers. It went from one drawer, to two... and now I've got a Devine Playchest on the way to me... so it'll probably keep growing!
Ms. N Ms. N
This is a good point...it should be in the thread called...Eden Should Carry.
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