How does eden compare to toher sex shops you've seen.

Kenneth Fort Kenneth Fort
Well for me, the out of the only other two I ordered from one, had a shitty product, and the second didn't even send me my thing. So that's pretty straightforward.
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Kenneth Fort Kenneth Fort
Wow, that was really bad spelling.


I can;t help it, it's one in the morning.
kendra30752 kendra30752
Originally posted by Kenneth Fort
Well for me, the out of the only other two I ordered from one, had a shitty product, and the second didn't even send me my thing. So that's pretty straightforward.
I've ordered many times from about every one of the major sex stores online, some multiple times. I have had one company send me an opened vibrator that had scum on it! While others were just as nice as EF, most prices are often double what Ef has! Seriously, I've seen the cheap vibes that aren't even worth the $15 they're sold for here go for $30 at other stores! WHAT?! And forget the luxury vibrators -- outrageous! However, I've been satisfied with some of the others out there. Especially if the prices are actually cheaper than EF.

Oh wow! What company didn't send you your purchase? Can't say that's ever happened to me before. You should certainly get in touch with them and hound them til' they send it! Did you pay for it and they didn't ship? I'd be furious.
AHubbyof2SexualMinds AHubbyof2SexualMinds
I had tried some other sites before discovering EF. I was not pleased at all, but am definitely pleased with EF especially with the fact that they are local for me, shipping times are incredibly fast.
This Is For The Birds This Is For The Birds
I have ordered from multiple other adult stores online and I have been satisfied with them all. I mainly only order when they are running promotions to get percent off or free items with a certain order, overall I have been very pleased with them.

However, EF has recently became my favorite. I love how they have the EF rewards and even the mentor program, review program, and affiliate program. They have excellent prices and shipping prices and options are amazing as well. The shipping is the biggest point for me, if it doesn't come from a discreet address or the shipping is too high it ruins it all, however EF is amazing and meets all my expectations.

After finding EF I will never buy from another adult store online again, possibly not even a local adult store.
hmb12 hmb12
I don't know if I'm allowed to say, but Slumber Parties company sucks. I was lured in by the fact that they have representatives that can come to your house. Its like a Mary Kay lady. But anyway, when our party got cancelled I had to shop via online catalog. Their site is imposible to navigate and I spent well over $140 dollars on products that smell like sticky hands.

Little did I know, there are sights like EF that tell you what things are made of and what their safety ratings are.

Also, everything was 4x the price, it took 4 months to deliver, and when I called to send my stuff back my representative wouldn't allow me to get my money back because then she would have to pay for it and they would have fired her for having too many products sent back. Not her fault! I hate the way they treated me as a customer and their representatives seem to get the shaft too.
ArcaneBlast ArcaneBlast
I forgot what it was called but it was the one that Oprah sponsers. Everything was cheaper and I believe they had a point program, but it wasn't as rewarding as this one. The website wasn't as well designed and there wasnt a large community base that made it seem like the company really cared at all about the people as opposed to the money.
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