I love! They saved my butt!

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I love! They saved my butt!

Oggins Oggins
I came to today in search of that perfect, body friendly toy that would make me squirm! Speaking of body friendly, I can always trust the material guides to know whether a toy is safe for sharing or if it needs covered with a condom to protect my body from potential hazards. I really love that feature of the site because I am not being misled just so Edenfantasys can make a buck! If a toy isn't considered "safe," they will be honest and tell me straight up! You can even filter out the toys that contain phthalates (potentially hazardous chemicals) so you don't even have to look at them! As a matter of fact, are you looking for glass? Wood? Stainless steel? Silicone? No problem! You can search for exactly what you want with just a few clicks of your mouse! No need to see all of Edenfantasys 1000's of items! How easy is that?! Do you want a toy that vibrates or is rechargeable? You can easily search for just those items as well! Vibrations aren't for you? No problem! Filter out the vibrators too! Have you found a toy that you're interested in but, not sure it will work out for you? There are hundreds of reviews for products written by people just like you who have tried the toy personally and can give you first hand knowledge of that toy to help give YOU more information on how that toy would work out for YOU! If that's not enough, you can even ask the person who wrote the review for more information about the product! As far as questions go, lots have already been answered in Edenfantasys forums where you can talk or ask about anything on your mind! You'll be promptly answered with an honest, well thought out comment from another member! How great is that?! The only problem you may have with Edenfantasys, is the same problem I have....Too many toys that you have got to get! If that's the case, just do what I did and create a wish list and add them all to it! You can even make your wish list public but, don't worry! It only gets seen by who you want to see it! Do you want to give your partner some great ideas for that next gift? Send them the url that will take them directly to your wish list! That way they KNOW what you want! Is it not enough that you can easily search for just what your looking for, read reviews of products, find out about the material, ask questions that get answered and create multiple wish lists? Well, how about the fact that Edenfantasys is all about YOU! They want to make sure you are happy and healthy! As a matter of fact, they have even stopped selling anal numbing creams for YOU! Anal numbing creams can cause more damage than you are even aware of so, to help keep you safe, these products are no longer available here! If you numb your butt, you won't know you're being hurt so, Edenfantasys wants to make sure your butt is safe! How many sex toy stores want to save your butt? Edenfantasys does! Because of all these great features and many more, I have come to trust more than any other sex toy store and will never shop anywhere else again! They are honest, reliable and downright good for you! is the sex shop that I trust the most! Give them a try and I'm sure, you'll have the same opinion that I do! Enjoy!

I would like to suggest having a special section to be changed monthly or so on different products. Like, this month our spotlight is on g-spot vibrators and here are some examples of our best sellers as well as newly added g-spot vibes. Here are our contributors who have tried these products and have written reviews on them and so on.... That way it would help incorporate our older reviews into more activity. You could also do a month on games because I know a lot of reviews on the games don't get as much attention as other products. You get the idea..... It's just a suggestion. Maybe even a month focusing on the condoms available to promote safe sex for AIDS awareness month. It would change things up a bit anyway.....maybe even specials on those spotlighted products..... I see you've already kind of done this with the newsletter archives but, I'd like to see kind of a whole "theme" each month. It's just a suggestion and either way, I still love Edenfantasys! =)

I haven't used the discount or created a widget yet so, I really don't expect to win, just wanted to throw in my two cents! =)
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MaxD MaxD
Excellent post Oggins! I love reading your reviews! Keep up the good work!
Oggins Oggins
Originally posted by MaxD
Excellent post Oggins! I love reading your reviews! Keep up the good work!
Thank you MaxD but, you are way too kind! =)
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