What was your "aha" moment when you knew you could trust Eden completely?

js250 js250
How did Eden gain your trust? Was it gradually, with a single event/issue or a few things that added up to your trust?

What is one action or non-action of the site that you greatly appreciate?
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Love Obsessed Love Obsessed
When I ordered something and it arrived and wasn't broken.I'm so easy to please.
*Camoprincess* *Camoprincess*
My relationship started out with blogger reviews and when they sent items for review I knew they could be trusted.
clp clp
Completely? I'm not sure that you should ever trust an e-shop completely.

My first sex toy experience was with some biblical site, which sold me cheap jelly toys without warning me first and then barraged me with postcards and mail displaying very tawdry, jiggly ladies. Erhm, thanks for the discretion, guys.

Eden doesn't pull that crap, and that is one of the reasons I love doing business with them.
lilly555 lilly555
Eden was the first sex toy shop I ever purchased anything from. I was looking to get my first vibe and stumbled upon it, I don't remember how. Any who I read about their discreet shipping then noticed the community. After reading how many customers interacted here and loved Eden for how well they treat their clients I thought they were an online retailer I could trust. Especially since they gave so much information in regards to materials and toys via the review program. It took me weeks to decide what was best. I've trusted that Eden was discreet and chose an array of products that could be good for my body ever since.
KrissyNovacaine KrissyNovacaine
When I realizes the review program had really nice rewards and that they really did want honest reviews!
Geogeo Geogeo
The points program
Peggi Peggi
I honestly fully trusted Eden from the start, but only because when my hubby introduced me to the site, he had said he knew someone else who had used it, and that they'd never had any issues, and he'd physically seen their boxes come in, so I knew that it was safe. After my first few orders I began talking non-stop to friends about it!
Charry Charry
The points program is a major factor of me gaining trust to the site. To give your users free money in return for loyalty is amazing c:
Experiment Experiment
I made a complaint through a support ticket and they just said "Give us a call and we'll make this work for you." I didn't call (because I hate calling people) but the fact they offered was amazing
Kenneth Fort Kenneth Fort
Originally posted by js250
How did Eden gain your trust? Was it gradually, with a single event/issue or a few things that added up to your trust?

What is one action or non-action of the site that you greatly appreciate?
What? I wouldn't say I "trust" sites, persay.
emiliaa emiliaa
I had a lost package and they totally refunded me. <3 I love this site so much! They must make a LOT of money for how generous they are, having a points system AND such good customer service? Damn.
JennSenn JennSenn
I never really distrusted eden. But I was really won over when I first experienced the reviews people can put up and the points system. That did it for me. I guess when I first had order issues and they resolved it quickly?
AHubbyof2SexualMinds AHubbyof2SexualMinds
The points program and the Eden Bloggers program are what brought me in and then after the first couple of orders I was super impressed. I was super happy with them and even more impressed after I had a shipping error they were fantastic with getting it corrected.
freud13 freud13
The points program brought me into the site but once I ordered something and had to send it back I was hooked. EF has the best customer service hands down. Now that I participate in the community and write articles I am just completely in love with the site.
libra777 libra777
I really appreciate that my orders came in boxes and not a plastic bag like some other places do. I think my mail man (old grouchy guy) was starting to get annoyed that he had to handle bags of dicks.
More then once i got a half creepy, half "i hate you" look from him.
I love everything else about the site but that simple little thing makes me most happy lol
geliebt geliebt
Once I had ordered a few times, gotten items exactly as described and right on time... really everything! Eden knows how to treat customers
Beck Beck
When I had an order get lost in the mail and they sent me the same order all over again because it never made it to me within the time the mail holds the right to reserve packages.
SexyStuff SexyStuff
Didn't have one, I'm a generally trusting person.
ArcaneBlast ArcaneBlast
They let real people post reviews without censorship, they list all the product info accurately and they have a large community of average joes like me
deine.kable deine.kable
I'm not there yet. But, hope to be soon.
caramilk caramilk
Originally posted by KrissyNovacaine
When I realizes the review program had really nice rewards and that they really did want honest reviews!
same here
jr2012 jr2012
probably after my second successful order. There was absolutely no hassle, I got exactly what I wanted, and I was a happy camper. By then I had been in the forums for a while and had gotten very comfortable here!
TJtheMadHatter TJtheMadHatter
It was a several things for me:
It was the first two orders I made; they were easily traceable (very important to me).
The fact I could speak openly in the forums about things that I can't talk to many people about.
The point system encouraged me to become part of the reviewing community.
I love the fact that Eden cares about the quality of reviews, comments, pictures, and general activities (by changing the points system, it has cut back on a lot of the spam participation).

I love that EF and the EF community care about quality. That speaks volumes in my opinion.
snowminx snowminx
As for a business and ordering products- not long

As for a system of having a completely open community and getting information out, I've not yet reached that point of trust and doubtful I will after reading certain things. Also with so many recent changes in the past and going back on things that have been said, I don't know how comfortable I could ever feel about the system is at any given time.
sunflower sunflower
The free points and stuff is nice but I felt like I could trust them when I called customer service about an order and they were pleasant and helpful. Good customer service is the key to my heart. It was also fairly easy to get to a real person and the robot call system wasn't too bad like some places are. There are a lot of good deals and discounts, helpful reviews, and a friendly community. I haven't had to return anything but the return policy is great, especially compared to brick and mortar stores where once you buy it, you can't take it back. This is pretty much the only adult store I want to buy from online. I'd probably only shop somewhere else if they had something I really wanted that was out of stock.
Lildrummrgurl7 Lildrummrgurl7
When I received my first assignment. It sounded too good to be true.
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