Why I Trust EdenFantasys

Darling Dove Darling Dove
(Please feel free to move this if I was wrong in making the topic or something

As long as I have been into sex toys and adult products in general, I have always purchased from EdenFantasys. The fact is, I am a very tough sell in all respects. I looked around at many websites. There seemed to be vast differences in price and quality/safety information provided.
If a place provided lots of safety info and detailed descriptions, typically they were vastly overpriced. I've seen things going for easily $30-50 more than their price here at EF on other 'high-quality' sex sites.
I say that in quotations because the fact is, for most of those places greed seems to have overtaken their actual care for their customers. I chose Edenfantasys because they give you a lot of information and encourage customers to speak up about their experiences and ask questions, while keeping their prices competitive and VERY reasonable. I would go so far as to say EdenFantasys is one of the cheaper stores like this I have seen online, or in real life, however they still provide excellent service in all respects.
Some features on Edenfantasys are very unique and I haven't seen them anywhere else. The Realsize feature, as well as the sound comparisons on some toys, are very very useful in judging if you want to make a purchase.
Edenfantasys also allows you to post wonderful, honest reviews- And rewards you for it! I would say that Edenfantasys is one of the most involved with their customers of -any- store I have shopped with. By simply signing up and filling out a bit of information, you can offer discounts to your friends, get special offers and coupons in your email, and more. That's even if you don't join as a reviewer.
The first time I ordered from Edenfantasys, the order was shipped and received very promptly, even with their standard shipping. The box was plain, and everything was packed very well. This has been the case EVERY time I ordered from Edenfantasys, and even beside all the other wonderful things they do, the fact that they actually deliver your products in a safe and punctual manner is what really matters. I have heard of other shops that people go to trying to save money, and they usually NEVER send your product out, or they do it very late and the product is usually damaged in shipping due to poor packaging. It's a horrid thought, because many people might be too nervous or shy about pursuing legal action over such a personal item, I know I would be.

Eden gives me so much information that I always know what I am getting with a purchase, and if by chance I wasn't happy, they have a wonderful return/replacement policy. They offer wonderful benefits to their customers and make it truly hard for me to see anyone NOT coming back for their other needs. Whenever I need something EF doesn't carry, I am honestly disappointed and consider -not- buying it, just because I like the service here that much.

All these reasons, truly too much to recap in a single sentence, are why I trust EdenFantasys and why I will always be a loyal customer and Contributor to them. I do apologize for this being lengthy- but it's easy for me to ramble about things I appreciate and EF's great service is something I truly do. I look forward to the next time I order from them, if only for the experience.
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Originally posted by Darling Dove
(Please feel free to move this if I was wrong in making the topic or something As long as I have been into sex toys and adult products in general, I have always purchased from EdenFantasys. The fact is, I am a very tough sell in all respects. I ... More
Thanks for the positive feedback! We really appreciate it.
Darling Dove Darling Dove
I would also like to add- I used my ITRUST coupon, and got a really GREAT value! But, specials like this are available all the time on EF- and it seems like no matter what, you can always find a way to get quality products, delivered timely and cheaply (or free! ) without eating too much into your wallet!

I've never had a shipment take more than 3 days to get here with one rare exception wherein my order was delayed by some shipping holidays. And the products are always packed well, too. The time may be only a factor because of where I live, but it still matters a lot to me.

I am extremely glad I found this website. I don't think I will order from anywhere else, simply because I am so happy with the service here. There's no need to search for a reliable store for me, anymore. <3
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