Do we glorify the extremes?

NuMe NuMe
In today's SexIs article The Principle Of Exaggeration: Why We're Obsessed With Big Tits and Bodacious Booty, Liz Langley says, "When it comes to attraction, we seldom hold up “average” as “ideal” — if we did we wouldn’t need the two different words, would we? So, why do we so consistently seem to glorify extremes — the most ginormous breasts, the most chiseled abs, the fullest head of hair? Are we just shallow jerks? Or are we actually wired for extremes?"

What are your thoughts on this topic? Do you agree or disagree with her?
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markeagleone markeagleone
I do believe it is natures design. Mating in the animal kingdom follows the same pattern as we humans do. Its purpose was to allow only the ones with the best genes to survive to perpetuate the species. Humans have a huge difference. We have the ability to reason. That ability is in a constant fight with natures grand design. As we grow and become more advanced, time permitting, those traits that are the "all attraction will diminish as they no longer apply.
Sammi Sammi
We might, but I think if these things weren't so attractive to people, they wouldn't be glorified in the first place. If big breasts were really a turn off, for example, we'd be glorifying something else. No one ever considers average to be ideal, whether for sexual attraction, or any other aspect in life.
El-Jaro El-Jaro
I can see this, but I don't really hold to the most common ones. Big lips don't do anything for me. I feel bad for women with back problems because of their back.
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