Mondo Sexploitation Redux, Baby!

Mr Guy Mr Guy
If you're a porn connoisseur (and who among us isn't?), then you may have heard about the strangely amorphous genre of films which predated modern porn: the salubriously stunted art of the sexploitation film. From Flesh Gordon to Russ Meyer to Doris Wishman (and a hoary host of other agitant auteurs), take a gander at what was (and still is, in today's underground).

Personally, I love old Jess Franco films. They're totally incomprehensible, packed with equal parts sex, stock footage, and satanism. It's like a Rob Zombie record turned into a movie. With more sitars.

Dig it!
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Mrs. Melee Mrs. Melee
Totally adored this. I never thought about looking some of this stuff up on YouTube. Now I'm sucked in. There goes my entire afternoon.
Sammi Sammi
Jesse Franco films are awesome
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