#AskEden - Gift with newsletter subscription.. HELP

*Ashley* *Ashley*
I was excited to see that when I subscribed to the newsletter that they where giving me the Dream massager G – g-spot vibrator. I went ahead and added it to my cart. I had to leave my computer for a bit and when I came back to place my order it was gone!? I went back to the Gift with newsletter subscription where I was sad to see I could not add it back to my cart; even though I didn't get a chance to buy it (well, pay for shipping). HELP! I was looking forward to receiving and reviewing this item. Anything I can do to get my offer back??
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*Ashley* *Ashley*
After searching and searching.. I still can't find my 'free' offer. I hope I didn't, in a since, throw it away.

humblepie humblepie
I accidentally did this when I first signed up for the newsletter! I was unable to resolve it on my own, but I hope someone else has answers for you!
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