Do bath salts really work?

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Do bath salts really work?

headgirl headgirl
Venus aromatic bath salts
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i wanna know from users who tried this if they liked it and did it work well?
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sktb0007 sktb0007
Originally posted by headgirl
i wanna know from users who tried this if they liked it and did it work well?
Hi Headgirl,

There are currently 9 reviews on the product that should help you out. The reviews are written by members who have tried the product. You can check out the reviews here: link

and I'd highly recommend checking out Cookie Monster Mike's review on the product which you can find here: link He wrote an excellent review on the product and I'm sure it will answer many of the questions you may have.

Good luck!
Sangsara Sangsara
I have not yet tried any of the bath salts available on Eden but I have to say that I've been using Epsom salts my whole life- my mom adds food coloring and essential oils at Christmas and gives them away as gorgeous gifts, thu absolutely work! Best I find for muscle tension. In detox centers bath salts are one of the few forms of relief that the addicts get while detoxing. The bath salts actually alleviate the painful symptoms of withdrawal for up to a half hour at a time which is a welcome break. Some will take up to 6 baths a day just to cope. So the answer is yes bath salts DO work
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