How discrete are items sent as gifts?

T&A1987 T&A1987
If I had some haircare products sent as a gift, is there anything within the package that would give away what the company is? An unrequested complimentary product, the order form or anything else?
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Jaimes Jaimes
There is a receipt included in the package. It will be from EdenFantasys. Everything on the outside of the box and on your bank statement is discreet, displaying Web Merchants Inc, but the receipt on the inside of the box is labeled EdenFantasys.

The purchaser's billing information is left blank on the receipt, but the receipt will list the products shipped. We do include a small catalog if it is available, but we don't feature any realistic toys, we feature mostly luxury vibes, lingerie and bath and beauty products. We don't include a free gift unless you ADD it to your cart before checkout.

I hope this is helpful!
js250 js250
Maybe, if it is a gift for someone not involved with EF, have the package sent to you and then after you remove the packing slip and catalog, you can re-label the box and ship it to the person who you are gifting it to. Just an idea, I did that before my daughter was on the site. Now I just get it sent directly to her, but I was not sure about telling her where I got her gifts.
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