Just found about rechargeable vibrators

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Just found about rechargeable vibrators

socceras socceras
Are they a lot stronger than battery powered ones? What are your experiences?
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Wild Orchid Wild Orchid
The power varies because it mostly depends on the motor. Even in one line like Leaf vibrators you'll find 3-vroom and 5-vroom items.

I have a rechargeable toy (FF Delight) and it's powerful but I can use it on the highest setting. I also have a 4AA wand-type vibe that I can only use through my clothes or a washcloth. If the vibrations get nicely toned down it means the batteries are going to die soon. I also have a swathe of less powerful battery-operated toys.
charletnarouh charletnarouh
From my understanding, no rechargeable beats something like a hitachi but I love my rechargeables. So nice.
Chirple Chirple
It really depends on the toy.

Nothing beats corded ! But I think for battery vs rechargeable, there's no real difference - just the difference in the motors, but I don't think one or the other is going to be inherently stronger.

Although I think with the quality expected of a higher-priced rechargeable toy, there is probably more push to give a wider level of vibrations and stronger ones to pull people in to invest in it.
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