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Lioncub Lioncub
We're snowed in and I'm bored so I looked at my order history. Since September 2010 I have placed 58 orders, spent $2566.30 (although 870.15 of this was gift cards) and saved a whopping $3017.22. In total have received almost 300 items.

What does your order history look like?
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edeneve edeneve
snowed in??? already??? we are having temp high of 82 in sunny CA.
Lioncub Lioncub
Everything around us is closed, kids got released from school early. No way in or out of town. We currently have about 6" but around us it is anywhere from 12-33+ inches. Glad the mail got through before they closed the roads though so at least I have new toys for after the kids go to bed
Rossie Rossie
Originally posted by edeneve
snowed in??? already??? we are having temp high of 82 in sunny CA.
I heard you guys are under a Red Flag (Fire Weather) Warning right now -- take care!
cagypsy cagypsy
I am sorry you live somewhere where you are already snowed in. My order history says something like I've spent about $200 or so saved(by shopping sales) around $60 or so and I have giftcard money that I am saving for something with a big price tag. Oh and I think I've placed 3 or 4 orders.
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