jenn g jenn g
if you bought something and just don't like it, do you figure it was your fault and keep it, or do you try to return it?
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DeliciousDrip DeliciousDrip
I've never returned anything.. I have my 8in dong that i haven't used and doubt i will use... But i don't plan on returning it. =/ I guess it was my
Crystal1 Crystal1
I've returned a lot of lingerie lately. I hate doing it, but if I buy something that doesn't fit, there's no point in keeping it around to collect dust.
Ryuson Ryuson
I do if it was lingerie or the toy was defective! If it doesn't fit my body (and I haven't 'used' it) I see no harm
SexyTabby SexyTabby
I've returned two things - a vibe which never charged (just exchanged it for another one) and then The Super (I ended up receiving two of them and returned the extra). I've had lots that I don't like or don't match my body but honestly it's a learning experience so I don't see a need to return them. I ordered a liberator pulse which I probably should have returned not because I didn't like it but I was in an accident and I simply can't physically use it now. But it isn't Eden's fault that any toy isn't for me so no I just chuck it up as another step in a quest for the perfect ride.
Jul!a Jul!a
I feel bad sending back lingerie that I know can easily be reused since I don't think it gets resold, I think it gets destroyed. I totally understand why and I'd feel weird getting something that somebody wore and returned if I thought I was getting it brand new, but it still feels like a waste to me, so I hold on to them and pass them on to friends and soon I'm going to start making a quilt out of the ones that nobody seems to want.

But more , I normally chalk it up to "oops, my bad" and keep it if I don't like it. I've returned things that didn't work, but haven't returned something just because I don't like it.
Girly Girl Girly Girl
i have never return anything
Kkay Kkay
I've returned a couple of vibrators that didn't work correctly.

If it was just not liking something, hm. It'd depend on how much the product deviated from the advertisement, and how expensive it was. I got an SSA dildo that was -nothing- like the picture, but I didn't send it back because I got it on sale for like $14, and it seemed petty to return something like that given shipping.
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