Some products not listed in Menus?

MamaDivine MamaDivine
Is it just me, or do you tend to find things that you haven't seen on Eden when you're looking for other things? Example: I was looking for oils one day. Massage stuff (Per usual) and I came across the body slide product. Never seen it before, I have been up and down the menus on EF's home page, clicked through every sub category and gone through all the pages. Checking things out! Never once did I see the Body Slide. Which really disappoints me. This leaves me wondering if maybe there are other items that I don't see and doesn't pull up in my searches! Which bums me out!!!! There have been items that I have seen others post in the forums and I have thought to myself "Where on earth did they find that! I want one of those! I have never seen that before."

It almost seems as though (when going through the home page filter system) there are some items that aren't even listed in there. Is it just me, or has this happened to you too??? Is there any way that we could get EF to fix this issue or check into it?
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