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CreamySweet CreamySweet
Ya know its great to have resources and a place to buy toys that can sometimes be hard to find at home... but sometimes I just feel better spending my dollars at home supporting the local business with my purchase dollars and the tax revenue it puts back into the place I live. I still like to go on line to get new ideas but I have found most places to be very competitive and ready to hand you the product over the counter so you don't have to wait. Cameras, TV's and yes even sex toys! In stock where you can see the actual product and decide if you like it.
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nanamondoute nanamondoute
I actually find that most places are priced higher than online. But then again, I'm quite frugal. I usually only buy things on a really deep discount or just ebay it. I like style, but I would hold out on buying something if I don't like the price, even if I really like the product. I feel there are just so many similar things, so if I miss out on this now, it's not going to kill me later.
I would support my local economy more if my city wasn't literally all chain stores. Waaah I miss my hometown with its small, family-owned stores everywhere.
CaliGirl CaliGirl
I try to buy local when I can.
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