Things up and missing?!

FaerieLove FaerieLove
Hey everyone!
I was wondering if anyone else has noticed this, but lately I've been noticing I'll put something in my cart to buy and come back to get it later and its gone? Does anyone else have this issue?
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Ansley Ansley
I've noticed it before, but I haven't been able to establish a true pattern of when and why. Sometimes the item is no longer available, sometimes it's just out of stock, sometimes it's because I closed my browsing session and/or cleared my history. So, what I did was make a wishlist that says "Final Selection" and that's where I add things when I get ready to place an order so nothing goes AWOL on me.
Jul!a Jul!a
I haven't noticed anything like this either, but I honestly haven't been paying attention either. That wish list is a great idea, and I definitely do that from time to time too.
js250 js250
I noticed it a couple of times and just thought it was something with my computer. I cleared the history and performed scan disc, etc.
Peggi Peggi
I notice this when I switch computers. My computer at home shows everything in my cart, but if I use my boyfriend's computer (which is also in the house) or at work, nothing shows in my cart.
mizzmilla mizzmilla
Mine does it when I switch computers or save my log in information.. but if I log out and log back in everything's there.
FaerieLove FaerieLove
Weird. I only use this computer, and I never log out.
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