Annoyed and don't know what to do! [Help!]

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Annoyed and don't know what to do! [Help!]

Miss Nessa Miss Nessa
okay so I live with roommates for the time being, actually 6 roommates. Iam moving out on my own in a month. I'm waiting for me and the boyfriends apartment to become ready...

So it is my fault! I was excited about eden I told two of the girls I live with about them. They signed up for accouts about a month ago. They are now obsessed with EF like Iam. I think my obsession is worse. That isn't the point of this post.

being we live together we all share the internet! Does that mean we are sharng an I.P address? because they will do there points and commment on review and what not. when I go to get online later that after noon. I go to review, reviews (sometimes I can spend up to two hours just reading) but when I go to comment it doesnt give me the points. I get a pop up saying. I cant due to, to much activity from this I.P. address! It is annoying me, i'm almost tempted to set up another internet line just so I don't have to share.

what do I do?
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Jul!a Jul!a
You are sharing an IP address and that would explain the pop-ups, however you should still get your points if you can get the popups to stop. For a month I'd say it's probably not worth setting up anything special. I'd try to either really spread out the time that you're all on or try to do most of your stuff from your boyfriend's place until the place you'll be sharing is ready. I don't have any good advice for preventing the popups other than to try and spread out the activity.
El-Jaro El-Jaro
If you're all sharing the same internet connection, you will definitely get the pop-ups. Unfortunately, there isn't much we can do about this now. The best suggestion I have is that you work out a deal with your roomies to not be on EF at the same time.
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