Change to the advance reviewer process

Neyko Neyko
I see many people complaining about the whole voting in for advance reviewer status. I had an idea that may or may not have been discussed before. Rather than the current system, have a like and dislike type feature. At the end of a time period, maybe a week, you need to have something like 10% more positive votes than negative. This would even it out a lot in that you would still get points [unless the new system changed that] for voting and people would have a higher chance of deserving their advancement.
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Gary Gary
With the current system as it is right now, we have encouraged people to go through the mentor program. You learn the ropes from a mentor, you don't really have any benefits by using the voting process.
eri86 eri86
I'm currently doing the mentor thing. I'm halfway through.
Neyko Neyko
Oh okay, the posts I was reading were older than I thought. Sorry about that guys.
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