Trying to decide on my next toy... Give me some ideas. Please.

Bbcakes85 Bbcakes85
Trying to figure out my next purchase and I would like some input. It doesn't matter as long as its a vibe. 4 to 5 vrooms and few bees. No more than 3. Please give some insights.
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Mwar Mwar
Internal or external?

External: We-vibe Tango or Salsa, Leaf Life, MiMi

Internal? Check out Fun Factory's click n' charge and G4 vibes. Uma, , G-Ki, Ina 2
Kitka Kitka
I'm going to second MiMi for external and Uma for internal. They're the only ones I have so far and I just love them.
Bbcakes85 Bbcakes85
thank you so much for your insights and it is for external.
Eva Schwaltz Eva Schwaltz
I love the we vibe tango, Salsa is good too if you prefer softer materials.
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