Eden Recycling?

srexom srexom
honestly... probably not. I don't use it for other items, why would I use it here.
snowminx snowminx
Originally posted by IvyFayette
I would depending on the cost to ship the items in to be recyled
bog bog
Originally posted by Badass
If Eden had a recycling program where you could send them your old toys and they would be disposed of properly.. would you use the program?
If it was possible, yes, definitely.
purpledesert purpledesert
I would do that, by all means. Side note: I wonder if there are sex toys in the great barrier garbage patch.
JDear JDear
I would since I have toys I don't want that I don't feel good about putting in the garbage. BUT there are other sites that will give you credit for sending in toys to be recycled so I would only do it on Eden for points.
dawnkye dawnkye
I would use it! I always wonder what to do with my old, unwanted toys.
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