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anonymouse anonymouse
So I'm clicking round the sight, see the offer for the free bullet, think 'SWEET!', toss it in my cart along with a few other things, and have to exit without ordering. I come back, my carts empty, no biggie, try to load up my cart again, and it wouldn't let me add the bullet (said I already ordered it). Grr! Not a big deal, just frustrating . So it'd be nice if cart contents were kept between sessions, anyone agree?
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Noira Celestia Noira Celestia
Yeah I noticed it as well and it's sort of annoying but not a big deal.
toxie m toxie m
Yeah, that happened to me with the free bullet offer. I wasn't too bothered because I don't reallllly need another bullet. And now I learned my lesson about not throwing it in until I'm actually ready to order.
Shellz31 Shellz31
I HATE that my cart is empty when I log back in or have to close all windows - even without logging out.
I haven't come across the issue with the free toy though. That does suck!
I'll have to remember not to add any til I'm totally ready to buy.
Acorn Acorn
Hmm, sorry to hear that. It would frustrate me as well.
Coralbell Coralbell
Stuff does stay in my cart. It's weird that it doesn't for others Although I had the same problem with the bullet. When I came back, it was still in my cart but just wasn't listed as free any more.
I too found it a little strange (and annoying) that items wouldn't stay in my cart. So now I make sure to add everything that I want to my wish list so that I won't forget anything when I finally do make an order. I do notice that EF changes the "free gift" items pretty regularly. Wonder if they'd just replaced the bullet with something else. :/
eri86 eri86
That would be nice. But you could always make a wishlist 'cart'.
Adnerbmw Adnerbmw
I agree, i hate when i search stuff get a cart together and something happens and i have to leave the site or do something else and when i return later its all gone. it is very frustrating
Genderfree Genderfree
That's why I always have a wishlist of what things I want to buy.
kurtster79 kurtster79
Sometimes this happens and sometimes it doesn't
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