Latex clothing

Yoda Yoda
I would like to suggest that EF carry a more substantial selection of latex clothing. It is very hard to find such clothing that appears to be of a certain quality but that is also affordable. It is also difficult to find retailers that appear trustworthy. Because of this, I think EF would be well positioned to feature such items.
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Kindred Kindred
While I would love to see more latex clothing, I think there are some issues why EF does not currently carry more.

1. Latex clothing is something of a niche market.
2. Latex clothing is relatively expensive.
3. To be effective, EF would have to stock multiple sizes of each item. Combine this with the price of each item individually and it becomes a huge investment for EF.
Yoda Yoda
You are correct that it would be a tricky and expensive investment. But if properly approached, I have no doubt that it would be lucrative. I think that Liberator does it best, employing their own designer that can produce items according to demand and keep production costs down, rather than having to tie up capital in slow moving inventory. Combine this with EF's established system of reviews and discussion, and you've got an instant market of willing and informed customers.
Kindred Kindred
What I was actually thinking is it would be great if EF partnered with another company to be able to offer this to the community. I was reading another thread requesting the same thing about shoes, and the cons are similar. However, if EF were able to partner with another company to offer this, I think that would be a win-win for both. EF gets to offer the community something they want (apparently rather desperately if you read the shoe threads), and the other company gets increased customer base and sales. Now to find willing partners...
~LaUr3n~ ~LaUr3n~
You should suggest this in the December-What Eden should carry thread.

They just discontinued a few latex lingerie items, so I am guessing they don't sell enough.
Kayla Kayla
Kindred kinda hits the nail on the head. While I'm sure you could discuss it with admins, Latex clothing is a very niche market that only looks good on a small variety of people because of how skintight it is. As it stands, their own lingerie section doesn't sell that much, so expanding into latex lingerie too? Probably not going to happen.
Yoda Yoda
That's a bummer, because it is very hard to find a trustworthy retailer without venturing afield to a fetish shop.
PassionQT PassionQT
I just noticed that the Liberator Book/Catalogue that is being sent with recent orders has a small latex selection for women in the back. Since we are now partnered with Liberator, I wonder if this is something EF will carry or is it stricly limited to the Liberator site? link They actually have more on their site and their selections come in plus sizes too, many up to 2X I see!
skunked skunked
I would love Eden to carry this!
Porygorish Porygorish
Me too me too! although this is a very old post so I guess it wasn't done , but december is closer now this year than this post of last year! lets make it happen people!
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