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newfoundlust newfoundlust
Just out of curiosity, I just did a quick comparison of the two sites since they have joined together in the same location in Georgia. I was surprised that there is so much variance in pricing and in product availability. For instance, on EF the Liberator wedge is 84.99, and its only the standard size one that is available. On the Liberator site, the wedge varies between 60.00/85.00/100.00, depending on which size you select. However, on the Liberator site there is a 15% off at check out so you could get the plus size one there for the same price as the regular size one at EF. Likewise, on the Liberator site, the Lelo Elise is listed for $152.10, whereas on the EF site its on sale for 89.99. Weird.
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Misfit Momma Misfit Momma
While EdenFantasys is now a division of Liberator, you need to understand that they are still separate stores. I seem to be drawing a blank in trying to think of a good example, but it is a common thing to see that multiple brands are owned by a single entity yet have wildly varying prices.
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