New Products- Just curious

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New Products- Just curious

Dragon Dragon
It's apparent to anyone that's been around for awhile that Eden is expanding it's product line. I'd love to see a new feature developed by Eden that shows the new products that are on the site. Not as a "purchase this" type of web page, but as an information source. I recently found a book that didn't use to be on the site that I was able to write a review for. I have a lot of other wonderful books that I wonder if Eden will one day sell that I'd like to keep track of.

Something that's a quick search / list of new products added that we could browse as reviewers.
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Ilya Ilya
Hey, there's a "New Additions" link on the main page, left side under the categories!
Dragon Dragon
Originally posted by Ilya
Hey, there's a "New Additions" link on the main page, left side under the categories!
I know that!!! (And you must work hard taking the photos!) That's why we are all drooling over the Eleven by N'Joy! I'm on Eden just about every day. But it's not a data base for searching for products that I previously determined were not on Eden and then eventually showed up. It's the current "new additions."

I particularly thinking about books and dvd's. Today I found about 4 books by individual search that Eden did not use to have. It annoyed me, I wanted a way to check a list of what's become new products over "x" time period. I could be wrong, but I don't think books have ever shown up on the home page.

Sorry.. I can be demanding in my wants. I know I don't get everything, but it rarely hurts to ask!
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