Notifications for soon-to-be discontinued items.

EskaSarynn EskaSarynn
I don't really see how this could get "messy." How often do products become discontinued? I think this is a really good perk, and a great idea.
kitty1949 kitty1949
that'd be really nice! great idea.
Maximusx Maximusx
That would just be a nice heads up
Maximusx Maximusx
Originally posted by Ciao.
Even if the system wasn't perfect it might help me to pick up something that I would otherwise no longer be able to get. Definitely would be in favor of this.
Chami Chami
it would be helpful if possible
Tork48309 Tork48309
Yes, and a posted number of remaining items in stock would be Really nice, but you still don't know how fast they are going to sell.
geliebt geliebt
Provided this was at all feasible, I think it would be great- sometimes I hold off on buying something because I want to think on it more, or maybe wait for a sale, or whatever~ and more than once I've had something be discontinued while I was mulling it over! No fun :O
Claire-Bear Claire-Bear
With a long wishlist, it would be very helpful to know if something is never coming back.
Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
Originally posted by Kindred
I think it would be a helpful feature to offer. The problem is that EF does not always know if an item becomes discontinued by the manufacturer. Additionally, for very popular items, there could be a huge rush to purchase the item and result in EF ...
It would also be a ton of new work...generally these items go on sale just before they are discontinued.
L&P3040 L&P3040
That would be great. However I think that discontinued items would probably be a little harder to notify about if the manufacturer doesn't notify EF.
MistressDandelion MistressDandelion
Originally posted by comatose-kitty
Do you think EdenFantasys should automatically notify you if an item on your wishlist is soon to be discontinued or go out of stock?
They should definately notify when you set alerts for certain items, like, then there are only 10 left in stock. But for the discontinued items, I don't see how this can be do-able, since Eden would be informed at the same time than us. Oh my god, I'm so sorry for my english, I make no sense huh? Blame it on the heatwave.
Nirelan Nirelan
It would be awesome if they did that! That way I would know what I should buy next! lol
ksparkles16 ksparkles16
This would be cool...but like other people have said, it would probably be too hard for EF to determine when something won't be available anymore.
MaeGal MaeGal
That would certainly be nice.
MissCandyland MissCandyland
That would be helpful!
comatose-kitty comatose-kitty
I'm glad most everyone thinks its a good idea. Thanks guys. Hopefully we can see this implemented into the site soon.
pasdechat pasdechat
This would be incredibly helpful. Lingerie especially seems to be discontinued so quickly, and while I'd like to be able to save up points for some items, I sometimes worry that if I don't get them immediately they'll be gone
AHubbyof2SexualMinds AHubbyof2SexualMinds
It's a great idea and something that would be great for me, but I see how it could be detrimental to EF as a business and don't want to harm them. But there are several things where I'd be waiting on a sale or for a gift card or something and then it would be discontinued.
Out of stock yes. Discontinued would be really hard to know I think
Nora29714 Nora29714
it would deff be helpful
hotcherry hotcherry
Great idea
TheGreat TheGreat
That's a great idea.
sodapin sodapin
Originally posted by comatose-kitty
Do you think EdenFantasys should automatically notify you if an item on your wishlist is soon to be discontinued or go out of stock?
I would appreciate a feature like this as well!
JennSenn JennSenn
An alert system for out of stock, how many are left in stock, or soon to be discontinued would be awesome. That said I don't see it ever really happening. It doesn't seem practical to implement.
yummyinmytummy yummyinmytummy
I went to buy these leggins, and they were out of stock! I wish they would have shot me an email saying "hey,we only have 25 left, so if you want them, hurry up". I would have quickly rushed to buy them
cutiefairyprincess cutiefairyprincess
I wish they would. Even if its just a thread in the forum saying which items are going to be discontinued
Eliza Eliza
I think it would be neat, but I understand the problems it could cause.
*Camoprincess* *Camoprincess*
I could see some problems with this but I wish they did notify that things were being discontinued. I saved and saved for a Liberator Throe just to find it discontinued
princessss princessss
It would be a nice feature but they need to fix the alert system they already have. Theres times where I don't get emails for my products that come back in stock.
booboo111926 booboo111926
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