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Annemarie Annemarie
I just placed an order today (Friday) using USPS as the shipper and both the Shipping Date Calculator and the Order Status page say that my order will be shipping tomorrow (Saturday) and delivered Tuesday. I'm pretty sure that the EF warehouse isn't open on Saturdays, and thereby won't be shipping anything, and my package won't get shipped until Monday, and probably delivered Wednesday.

Is there a way for those statements (on the Order Status and Shipping Date Calculator, as well as anywhere else) to be changed to reflect that the warehouse only ships Monday-Friday, but USPS delivers on Saturday? I know the dates are not guarantees or anything, but it seems a bit misleading to be an entire day off. Thanks a ton.
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Gary Gary
Hmmmm... this sounds an awful lot like something that might actually get resolved by contacting customer service.

(orders received by a certain cut-off time on Fridays will be shipped the same day, so depending on your distance and the carrier service, it is possible)
gone77 gone77
Yeah, I think submitting a support ticket would be a good idea here.
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