How do you decide what to buy?

sasshole sasshole
Insignia Alia
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how does one decide which toy to buy, i have a hard time figuring out what i think might best suit my needs.
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js250 js250
I look for toys have a good shape, are made with good materials and have options I know I like from other toys.
SMichelle SMichelle
It takes me ages to decide what toy to buy next. I usually have a ton on my wishlist. When I'm getting ready to make a purchase, I'll look at each one on my wishlist and read through many of the reviews for each product. I do tons of research on the toys I buy before I get them -- but it's still basically trial and error.
kaylajoy89 kaylajoy89
i like to watch video reviews. it helps.
butts butts
I pick out things I like after shopping a LOT, then read/watch reviews and decide which to get. I'm pretty picky haha, I take a while to decide on stuff.
geliebt geliebt
I look through and pick out anything that looks intriguing, then look over all the reviews carefully to see what I might like/dislike about it.
But sometimes, you just have to make a decision between a couple toys- and usually, as long as you've paid attention, you'll get something good either way

Reading reviews is what helps me make decisions most of the time.
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