Tech support forum.

Sinjo Sinjo
While some on eden fantasys might be computer inclined, I'm sure there are those who aren't. I propose putting a tech support forum for those who need help with computer problems or advice on what electronics to buy. I often enjoy helping others out, pointing them in the right direction. I would imagine there would have to be some special rules for the forum, I even have some in mind.

The sub forum could go into the lounge, I think that would be the best place for it. Special rules would be in place, such ash no trying to convert some one e.g "I was thinking of getting a mac" - "don't get macs, they're stupid" that sort of thing. Don't post if you can't help. No ' my aunt had one of these, she liked it'.
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Kayla Kayla
Sounds like a neat idea, but I've never really seen any of those posts around on EF, and I doubt it'd really help much. If anything, we need a subforum for those "forum games" hanging around everywhere.

However, if you are having issues with using EF, they do offer support tickets where you can submit your question.
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