My question covers a few different areas of EF, so please forgive me for only choosing this topic. Your answers are very important....

js250 js250
I have had so many questions about altering and hand sewing the alterations for my lingerie. I did a tutorial about replacing the boning on corsets and had a great response. I do know there are more options available when replacing the boning--questions--etc . than were covered in my write-up.

A bit of background--I do NOT know how to sew with a sewing machine, nor do I have the patience to sit down and sew anything elaborate. I do like my lingerie to fit properly, look great and will make changes and alterations with minimal sewing by hand involved. I also use other methods for altering the lingerie--and have a custom fitted wardrobe of corsets, chemises, gowns, bustiers and many more items. I keep the time constraints down to 15-20 minutes per item, so busy people could also fit in time for these quick fixes.

Before I submit anything I want your honest opinions, please.

Who would be interested in:
--a tutorial.
--a Lingerie Alterations, Quick Fixes and Alternatives class?
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Sera26 Sera26
Those sound like great ideas for Sexis articles. Personally I can't sew at all but I'm sure that many would benefit from your knowledge.
PeachCandy PeachCandy
I can't sew either nor do I try. I simply get rid of my clothes/lingerie that doesn't fit, otherwise I will hang onto it for years and never wear it anyways, promising I will find someone that can fix it for me.

I do think it would be really cool if you did some tutorials though. I might actually give an alteration a try lol
Intrepid Niddering Intrepid Niddering
I'd be interested. :]
Risque Risque
Definitely interested
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