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Program Manager Program Manager
The two recent inquiries about our website have come from an outside source- probably a competitor company doing inside research about why customers use our site. Just so you're aware of this...
When anyone from inside the company makes a post asking for feedback, they will identify themselves as an employee. As thus:

I am an Eden employee (photographer, manager, etc.) Yes, for real, I am.

Not that you shouldn't respond to these posts- that's your choice- but I wanted to let you know what these random inquiries were really about. Chances are that you'll recognize the user names of people who do work for us, since usually they post more than just once.
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Oggins Oggins
DOH! That stinks! They should mind their own business! I'll know better next time! =)
Bulma Bulma
I had wondered about the one post, asking about likes and dislikes. I know I didn't recognize the name, but answered honestly anyways.
Epiphora Epiphora
Okay, I feel stupid. I really wanted Eden to know about my likes and dislikes on that page. Urg.
Beautiful Dreamer Beautiful Dreamer
I feel slightly stupid. Haha! With all the updates going on, I had assumed that it was about that.
I also had mentioned that my dislike was not having my messages returned and magically they were returned after that post. Sorry!
MaxD MaxD
I kind of wondered what was up with the one post about likes and didn't look very professional with spelling errors and all.... Thanks for the warning!
Jimbo Jones Jimbo Jones
I got so caught up in answering the questions that I didn't look closely at if I recognized who was asking them. I guess they can try to set up similar things, but I think EdenFantasys will always set the trends. Thanks for pointing out that the questions came from people outside the company.
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