Did I miss the Contributor of the Month or Weekly Rumble Voting?

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Did I miss the Contributor of the Month or Weekly Rumble Voting?

Pete's Princess Pete's Princess
I really enjoyed the Contributor of the Month and Weekly Rumble. I see them listed on the events list but don't remember seeing them.
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Rossie Rossie
All activities have been put on hold since the Points/Gift cards/Staffs situations.
Ansley Ansley
I miss both of those events as well. I'm not sure if we should bring them back with a few changes in the points awarded but maybe do something else entirely. I've been mulling some ideas over the past couple of days and would love to know what you all think about it.

Perhaps, we could do some small fun things like "Thread Rumble" - nominated discussions would go up for a weekly vote and winner gets [x] points (most likely no more than 250), but it would be fun and give everyone something to look forward to on Fridays or whatever day.

Perhaps we could even have a joke of the week thread? Everyone leaves a new joke as a comment, then those go up for vote. The catch would be that it is somehow sex toy related or a racy joke. (Baudy would probably be cutting it close, funny but let's keep it R-rated, not XXX-rated.)

I always liked the rumble but I felt like it excluded a lot of people who were participating in other ways in the community but chose not to write reviews.

Any suggestions or thoughts on my ideas?
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