Is anyone else experiencing a lot of glitches?

lilly555 lilly555
Okay so I’m pretty sure I’m not alone with the weird layout that has taken form on the reviews but I’ve been experiencing other glitches around the site as well. I have not been able to proofread reviews from ‘My Tasks’, which sends me to my own reviews. Also while browsing the site and clicking on a product page I was sent back to the main page, my wall feed has disappeared, and I couldn’t add assignments to my cart without others disappearing. This has all been frustrating. The other day I was really anxious because I had trouble logging into my account because the login tab wouldn’t come up. Is this because of double points week? I don’t think it was the party cause some things were happening before then . Is anyone else having this kind of trouble?
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Originally posted by sktb0007

We're aware of the issue and are working hard to get it fixed ASAP.
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