Is there a referral program?

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like something between the ambassadors/affiliates programs and just handing your friends a link? I just wonder if there might be something like that in the future? For those of us who don't want to open up our own store or anything.
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We have a referral program as part of the Affiliate Program that allows you to earn commission off of the sales of your second-tier affiliates. You get someone to sign up as an affiliate, they enter your code as a referral, and then you earn 3% from their sales (and it doesn't come out of their earnings). It's called the Friends of Affiliate program.

Here is an example letter for inviting people to be your second-tier affiliates.

You can also just place an affiliate link to EdenFantasys on your blog/site/Twitter and when they land on the affiliate signup page, your code should appear in the "referred by" section automatically.
724-6924 724-6924
thank you!
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