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Fun Lover Fun Lover
Has the latest sex toy review feature been updated. It now shows 24 instead of about seven. That will be a big improvement. It will give reviewers time to read more reviews and vote and make comments on them before they disappear. When we can only get on once per day sometimes I miss reviews when a lot are posted in one day. Nice new feature.
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Miss KissThis Miss KissThis
I like it as well. So much more convenient!
Adriana Ravenlust Adriana Ravenlust
Originally posted by Miss KissThis
I like it as well. So much more convenient!
I also saw this!
Beautiful Dreamer Beautiful Dreamer
Yes! I've been hoping for this for awhile. Now if we could get the new products page showing all new products....
Airlia Airlia
Oh I like it too!
LikeSunshineDust LikeSunshineDust
Thumbs up from me too! If I was away from my computer for a couple days, I hated knowing that I had probably missed out of seeing some reviews.
Liz2 Liz2
This new feature gets my vote of satisfaction. Too many times I missed reviews as @ times, many reviews were posted in a short period of time.
Jimbo Jones Jimbo Jones
That is nice that it was increased. I find I don't use that much any more since I subscribed to the RSS feed and follow it along with the blogs that I follow, but it is a good way to keep things on the forefront of more people's minds for longer.
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