New Interview Starts Today: Kelli Dunham – Lesbian Road Comic and Former Nun

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Hey Everyone – we have a cool new interview that just went live here link. Kelli Dunham is a hysterical comic whose got an interesting career path to the say the least. She is a published author four times over, an ex nun, has done charity work in Haiti and now makes her way around the circuit as a comic. She has released a few comedy albums and is often featured in Curve magazine. She is currently working on two new one woman shows and touring select cities. So have fun and let the questioning begin !!!
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Victoria Victoria
Welcome Kelli! Awesome - this is going to be an interesting interview!
Mr Guy Mr Guy
There aren't enough comedian ex-nuns around--count me in. Do I get bonus points for asking a nunsploitation question?
Carrie Ann Carrie Ann
This is going to be fun. I've got to think up some good questions!
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Hey everyone - last chance to ask all those burning questions you always wanted to ask a former nun stand up comic lesbian !!!
Backseat Boohoo Backseat Boohoo
For the record, I just read through everything she's answered so far, and I definitely think this was the most awesome interview we've had so far (no disrespect to former participants).
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