Anal Sex, better before or after eating? No kidding, real question.

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Anal Sex, better before or after eating? No kidding, real question.

Bignuf Bignuf
Animated discussion in our friendly "free speech" group on this one. One woman LOVES anal, but only after a nice meal. She said she thinks it is because her bowels are more "in action" at that point, and thus she is able to feel more and relax her sphincter more.

Another friend loves anal....but ONLY if she has not eaten. Not only since she feels far more comfy knowing her bowels are empty, but because she says when her hubby pumps away "back there", if she has a full tummy, she gets nausea...really bad. They learned that years ago, so if they are going to have anal play, it is always BEFORE any thought of a meal.

I have never noticed any difference and am good to go,before,after, or...maybe even DURING, if the situation is right!!!!(Boy, won't those other people at the Steak House be shocked)! JUST KIDDING!!!!

Anyway, do you have any issues with anal sex and when you have or have not eaten?
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Mwar Mwar
It's okay if I've eaten, but it has to be a while after I've eaten (like an hour or so) because I can get acid reflux if i'm jostled around to much after eating. Other than that, there's no preference.
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