Anyone into ANAL/DIGITAL only?

Bignuf Bignuf
I just read on another "blog" site about someone who LOVES their husband to put his finger in her rear end during oral sex, but she totally refuses toys and does not even want to think about his penis in there (says he is not that big, but the "THOUGHT turns her off"). Hubby and I have discussed this for the last half hour and DON'T GET IT.

Anyone else out there with the same feeling...that they "only" want a finger there (or maybe ONLY want a penis and no finger...etc)????

Please explain. WE are confused.
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Ex-prude Ex-prude
Are you sure the poster wasn't a chimpanzee? I hear they like to stick their fingers up their arses.
Why Not? Why Not?
My partner completely dislikes fingers and toys. Dick only. I don't know why. Me... I'm game for anything. I do admit though, fingers/toys/dick each have different connotations and emotions for me. Fingers are loving and sensual and feel more like my partner is working just to make me feel good. Toys are all about the unique sensation of poking, prodding, and stretching all of the fun regions of anal. Dick is more about the relationship between me and my parter... power, love, aggression, submission, play etc. I suppose I could see someone not being into one or the other. But thankfully not me!
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