Can you train yourself

spineyogurt spineyogurt
Is it possible to get used to anal enough so that you can do it everyday?
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Gdom Gdom
I don't really see why not. Now, maybe someone will jump in with some medical knowledge or stats that I don't have, but I'm not aware of any physical problems that would result from frequent anal (in fact, most sources I've seen say that properly-done anal can be beneficial to the muscles down there). Aside from that, it's probably just a matter of using lots and lots of lube (as always) and working up to it. You wouldn't go to the gym and start out trying to lift 400 pound weights every day, so for similar reasons, you might not want to just jump into doing anal every day. But if you slowly increase the frequency and make sure to properly prep each time, I'm sure it'll get a lot easier. Hope that helps!
Why Not? Why Not?
I'm not a medical professional so I don't know what the limits are, however, anal is something that you can definitely "build up a tolerance" so to speak. I know that has a connotation that suggests something unpleasant and it is not supposed to. I just know that when I go through periods of a lot of anal play I am able to take bigger toys more quickly and more often. If it has been a while since having anal play I sometimes struggle with toys or aggressive anal sex that previously would have been no problem. Gdom makes a great analogy and a great point. Don't try to achieve your goal overnight but work up to it, which I believe was what your question was getting at.

Good luck in your goal.
ScottA ScottA
Originally posted by spineyogurt
Is it possible to get used to anal enough so that you can do it everyday?
Yes. I've done anal play every day for periods of time now and then. You need to have pretty good control over your anus so you can stay relaxed, use plenty of lube, and potentially trim your hair down there (if you have enough hair it can get stuck on the lube and rub your anus).
kendra30752 kendra30752
Originally posted by spineyogurt
Is it possible to get used to anal enough so that you can do it everyday?
Um I'm not "training" myself to enjoy anything. I figured anal was one of those things you either like and enjoy or find uncomfortable/painful and unpleasurable. I for one will never "train" myself or force myself to try and enjoy something just because others do or someone wants me to. Anal is not for me, something I would find very incredibly painful and something that in my own opinion, is way too dangerous to risk my health for (my own personal health, not everyone has that big of a risk/worry in that dept.)

I personally would think if something does not feel good, it does not feel good. You can't make your body enjoy something. Just how I think. I suppose you could take it to the extremes (hypnosis!? Lol) and really try, and eventually manage to get somewhere, but if you just really find something unpleasurable, it will probably remain that way.
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