Does anyone come to this heading (Anal Sex) just to see what others are posting, even though you don't enjoy anal yourself?

Bignuf Bignuf
I wonder that about a lot of the categories here. For instance, we are not into certain activities, but will read the posts when they come up on the general topics page. We don't click on those "topics". I was wondering if people who, for instance, really don't enjoy anal troll here just to see what people say about it? Are you trying to see if you might like it, or seeking advice to try it, or just looking for something to be negative about? This might be true of many of the categories here.

I am just curious about those who "find" their way to these questions?

Care to comment?
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HappyInNJ HappyInNJ
Oh heck no!!!

To me anal is something that 2 people can do to please each other.

I joined here to get some information on how to introduce it to some one who has not done it before and I'm talking about giving as well as receiving.
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