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mnc5051 mnc5051
My girlfriend gets really turned on when I finger fuck her in the ass, however we have tried to used anal toys and every time it seems to cause discomfort and pain. how do we make this work? what techniques do you suggest to make the pain and discomfort go down to a min
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ScottA ScottA
Very similar to your other post. You're moving too fast or not using enough lube - slow down and wait until you're both ready with the small stuff.
Yoda Yoda
Try starting with a small plug (1 inch - 1.25 inches max). Leave it in for 15 minutes or so during other stuff. After a short while, her sphincter should get used to the feeling, and be quite a bit more relaxed.
ScottA ScottA
It might be a lube thing as well - fingers hold lube better than silicone.

Also try moving slowly, using plenty of external stimulation before insertion, and holding the fingers in place. You're moving from a finger to something new (a toy), so she's more likely to clamp down on it.

Try warming the toy up as well.
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