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~Brittany~ ~Brittany~
My husband loves anal sex but I think it is the most painful thing in the world! Is there something I can do to maybe make it more pleasureable or should I just give up?
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hornypoet69 hornypoet69
Use lots of lube. And look around on this site for smaller toys. Then you can work your way up to his penis, instead of starting with something that is painful. I recommend the Silk Small by Tantus. Also a lubed finger can do wonders for getting comfortable with penetration, and learning about your body. Sex should never be painful. If you are in pain, stop. Don't deal with it, just for your husbands pleasure.
SamsDelight SamsDelight
Agree with the lube. Lots and Lots of it and go very very slow. Start with something extremely small and work your way up. This took me a really long time to work up too. And I mean like four years. You have to be totally relaxed and trust your partner completely.
Cedarlooman Cedarlooman
I agree with all that has been said. Start out with smaller or no penetrative teasing and work your way up. Do some rimming and analingus then work up to fingertips and fingers and small toys. And use lots of lube. If you have done this try some different positions or it may just not be for you.
teeny <3 teeny <3
Alternatively, if hubby's enthusiasm is making him move a little too quickly, maybe you should suggest he try being on the receiving end. It would test his dedication to anal so you could figure out if it's something worth putting in the work for. And if he agrees it would make him a more conscientious lover.
Beck Beck
dont give up took me time to! and its great! do it at period time to me seems to be the best time for some reason its swollen done there and really does feel great! you must relax shower first have him play with fingers in there first and you also do this when u are in the shower! analingus is very important helps relax the muscles. tease urself with something that vibes just on the outside also! hope this helps
Istanbull Istanbull
Something no one suggested here is Practice on yourself in your own time.

You are your own best teacher. If you can be ok with it, start with your fingers. Insert one while in the shower(bring the lube with you). Move it around and pay attention to what your anus is doing. Consentrate on relaxing it. One trick I learned is applying pressure with your finger to the side of your rectum. Curving your finger like a hook and just pull back works well. Hold it there and don't move it. After a few seconds you should begin to relax and you'll feel yourself begin to open up. Work on that feeling and practice making it happen on que. When you get yourself opened enough, try graduating to two fingers. When you are able to have three in you, you will be an anal champ.

Another thing to remember. Each time you squeeze on something, your anus will open up more when it relaxes again. You can see this in action while inserting a butt plug. Slid it in as far as it will go and squeeze it out slowly. When you re-insert it again, it will go a little deeper. Soon you'll have the whole plug in.
Miss Naughty Kitty Miss Naughty Kitty
There are anal lubes that that numbing as well i haven't tried them.

Also I think you should be really relaxed when you try maybe after you have had an orgasm or maybe drunk, might not be the best idea always work your way up to it. and use lots of lube.
HotMama2three HotMama2three
Hubby read Arousing Her Anal Ecstasy on his kindle, and everything was awesome after that
ViVix ViVix
Originally posted by ~Brittany~
My husband loves anal sex but I think it is the most painful thing in the world! Is there something I can do to maybe make it more pleasureable or should I just give up? I will be the first to say...try all this stuff. Then, if you still don't find it pleasurable, don't force it! It's about what is pleasurable for the BOTH of you.
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