How long is TOO long for an anal toy?

Bignuf Bignuf
In some porn videos these folks put huge, long flexible dildo's into their rear ends...sometimes they appear at least a foot and a half long...or MORE.

What is the LONGEST thing you or your lover has put completely into your or their rear end? For both of us, an eight inch SOFT jelly probe is about the max we have done...what about YOU?
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ScottA ScottA
Your body will tell you how long is too long. If you can't or won't listen to your body then you'd better not play around up there (or at least keep it to 5" or less).

Personally I've taken up to a bit over 12" inserted (all but the largest "bubble" on the Cowboy link). As far as the experience goes, I find that things change when you get past the rectum (a toy over about 7"-7.5" long), and play becomes slower and less obviously sexual. It's intense, but in a different way. When I'm interested in fast-thrusting high-power buttplay I go for something in the 6-7" insertable range. It hits almost all my buttons and isn't so slow and "reflective" as the big toys.
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