How to prevent the mess???

babychika babychika
Im considering either using an enema, hydrocolonic, or simple douche. Any tips on those that have been doing this a while? Always wondered how pornstars do AssToMouth (ATM) lol.
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Mwar Mwar
I sometimes do a mini douche. You can get those little nozzles people use to clear a baby's nose. They're soft and rubbery. You can fill it with water and clean the entrance to the anus. It is low impact on your gut fauna, unlike heavy duty enemas.
Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
We don't do anything special. The rectum is usually clear of waste until it's time to void - however if you want to be absolutely sure, an enema should do the trick - just be careful not to use strong chemicals.
ScottA ScottA
You can check to see if there will be a problem - get a dildo and do a trial run in the bathroom.

If you want to take an enema, use only clean, warm water and experiment to find out how much you need to take. More water isn't always better, as it can bring stuff down from further up and require more enemas. The only reason you'd need more than about a cup would be if you're doing extreme things (deep penetration, fisting, etc.).

Porn stars take a risk for ATM. I'd imagine that they probably do some sort of prep similar to what they do for colonoscopies, with multiple enemas or that liquid stuff, but it's still a risk. If you're interested in it I'd strongly recommend condoms.
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