If you want anal how do you ask for it.

abbylover abbylover
Do you ask for it out right or do you have a way to do it. I just ask if she wants to and that's it. Wondering if its better to do foreplay then ask for anal.
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Just ask for it
Ask dering sex
Just rubb the hole
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abbylover abbylover
If other please do tell
winecountrygirl winecountrygirl
Originally posted by abbylover
If other please do tell
For me, foreplay is a must before attempting anal penetration. I would say yes to foreplay and yes to asking in general, surprising someone with anal stimulation usually doesnt go over well.
Itsnotabanana Itsnotabanana
He usually asks during sex while in the heat of the moment.
squire squire
Just asking directly, but lovingly.
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