Just starting out

BrokeNHorny BrokeNHorny
My partner and I have tried anal a few times, but didn't do it properly at first. She is now slightly averse to starting up again, so I was wondering if any of you have advice on how to bring it back into practice and also any suggestions on toys, lube, techniques and such. Thanks in advance!
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DreamyLove DreamyLove
The advice I have is probably stuff you've heard before. Lube lube lube! And if anything hurts, make sure you stop. Anal sex when done properly, shouldn't hurt at all.
ScottA ScottA
Lube, start small and slow (finger works well, or a small plug/dildo), and talk about it - perhaps you (plural) could try some play with your (singular) anus (good for getting the conversation started).
Oggins Oggins
Yes! Small, slow and LUBE, LUBE, LUBE!

When we were first starting out, I found that incorporating clitoral stimulaltion into anal play helped me to be less focused on what was going on back there so much. It helped me to relax and not be so expectant, I guess. Without the extra stimulation at first, I would be like, what's that? What are you doing now? How many fingers is that? I just couldn't relax.... Then he handed me a bullet and everything was better! I may just be crazy too, who knows? I thought it might help you too though. =)
Oggins Oggins
Oh! By the way, the Bootie is pretty small, comfortable to wear and stays in place well for me. It might be a good starting point for her. Vibrations can sometimes help loosen the sphincters but I can't really think of a good one to start with right now. Hopefully someone else will be able to suggest a good one!
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