Makeshift Anal Toys or "Dumb Ideas Part 1"

Entropy Entropy
When I first began flirting with my bisexuality, I tried inserting a couple of household items. Not a bright idea, I know, but I was a lot younger and dumber at the time. For a while, I used the knurled handle end of a fireplace tool to fuck myself with. It seemed like a good idea at the time. The handle appeared to be one continuous piece with the rest of the tool, and it was so large with a shovel on the other end, I thought there was no way anything bad could happen. One night after taking it out, I noticed that the handle actually threaded onto the rest of the tool, and it was literally hanging on by the last thread. That was the last time I tried a homemade toy. Any others have close calls or worse with such items?
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Subbi Subbi
I've never done anything like this. Anal was a NO go up until about a year ago. I always said if anyone comes near my butt with anything I will punch them in the face. I even told that to my fiance who made me love anal almost more than anything lol. Homemade toys is just asking for a trip to the E.R. in my opinion.
Yossarian Yossarian
Broom handle. Varnished, of course. It wasn't great but it was better than nothing, and it was long enough that I could grab it with my feet instead of my hands. But yes, I worried about going a little bit too far, or catching a splinter.
MrWishyWashy MrWishyWashy
Luckily no horror stories for me, I play it safe and stick with toys intended for anal play!
prttynink prttynink
I remember being young and experimenting with a long-handled hairbrush. Didn't take long to figure out I liked it enough to invest in some toys (and a new hairbrush).
ScottA ScottA
If you know what you're doing it's possible to make or find anal toys that are safe, but it is difficult - especially when the composition of many found objects are not accurately known.

I've made wood toys, attempted to make silicone toys from hardware store silicone (don't go there - it's messy and hardware silicone releases acetic acid so I wasn't ever able to comfortably use the toys), and found objects that worked, mostly in plastic (handles of things, mostly). That said, purpose-designed, bodysafe toys are much nicer and much more likely to feel good.
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